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What will I see on the Haringey Heritage Walks?

Here is a brief description of what you will see on each of our free Haringey Heritage walks. If you have any questions please email

Bruce Castle walk
Bruce Castle has been a Scottish king’s castle, a school and now Haringey’s museum. Its park has a 500 year old oak, and at nearby Tottenham cemetery we visit the grave of Bernie Grant, Tottenham’s most famous MP.

Muswell Hill walk
A place of pilgrimage in medieval times, Muswell Hill reinvented itself as a superb Edwardian suburb built with no pubs. It was bedsit land in the 1960s, now a desirable residential centre with the Parkland Walk, Highgate and Queens Wood within reach. 

Lordship Recreation Ground walk
Learn how the park developed from a miniature traffic ground to a cycle workshop. The river Moselle also shaped the nearby estates of Broadwater Farm and Tower Gardens.

Crouch End walk
Discover how Crouch End began as a prosperous middle class suburb at the beginning of the 20th century. Meet some of the fascinating pioneers who have made their home here, including the first aerial photographer, the New Zealander who built the Town Hall and learn about Hornsey College of Art’s role in establishing Crouch End as a centre of rock music in the 1960s and 1970s.

Tottenham High Road walk
We start at White Hart Lane and hear the story of the first Spurs professional black footballer Walter Tull, we’ll also discover the ancient mansions along Tottenham High Road, ending by learning about how gas and electricity changed our cities forever.

Stroud Green walk
Learn how Stroud Green developed due to the railways and find its hidden dairy past, together with a former film developing factory, Finsbury Park and links to the Windrush generation.

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